The Nigerian Business Environment, Coporate Governnance and Ethical Conundrum

Real live case studies on Ethical Failures & Lessons Therefrom. This course is a continuous capacity development course for Directors who have already taking the CDC I & II

Responsible stanley.nwachukwu
Last Update 29/03/2022
Completion Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Members 1
  • Understanding Corporate Governance
    • Overview of Corporate Governance
      10 xp
  • Ethics in Corporate Governance
    • Ethics of corporate governance
      10 xp
  • Some Ethcal Failures in Global Corporate Governance
    • Presentation ethical failures
  • Some Ethical Failures in Nigeria Corporate Gorvernance
    • Presentation ethical failures in Nigeria
      10 xp
  • Challenges of Corporate governance in Nigeria
    • Corporate Governance Environment and Challenges in Nigeria
      10 xp